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Kristen Davis of New Sharon recently won a scholarship that will help further her passion to advocate for organic dairy farms.

NEW SHARON – With a love of dairy farms and a desire to advocate for agriculture, a local teen has secured a scholarship after being chosen as one of four recipients in the country.

Kristen Davis was raised in the hay piles of her family’s dairy farm. She began learning the responsibility of caring for a farm at a young age, passing up summer camps and hanging out with friends to fair-hop around the state with her family.

“I wasn’t hanging out by the pool all the time. I was meeting up at fairs with my friends from all over the state, and enjoying time with my family doing something we all love to do,” Davis said.

Davis will begin her sophomore year at Husson University this fall, where she is majoring in mass media. The scholarship, offered by Horizon Organic Producer Education, is open to all kids and grandkids of Horizon farmers. Davis and her family have been shipping Silver Valley Farm milk to Horozin since 2009, after transitioning into an organic dairy farm several years before.

Using a degree in mass media, with a focus on marketing communications, Davis hopes to stay involved with organic agriculture and advocate for the field.

“There are a lot of misconceptions about the dairy industry, that we treat our animals and the land badly. But talk to any dairy farmer and you’ll see that we love our animals. They eat before we eat,” Davis said.

Davis hopes to inform more people about the reality of organic dairy farms, by organizing and implementing farm tours, as well as traveling to different schools and educating students on where their food comes from.

“I love talking. I never stop,” Davis said.

This is the second year in a row that Davis has won the $2,500 scholarship, after receiving encouragement from her family’s Horizon representative, and her father.

“The organic industry needs all the media visibility and promotion it can…

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