Agenda Festival’s Founder Explains the Evolution of Hip-Hop’s Favorite Fashion Trade Show

Monday, July 17, 2017 at 12:09 p.m.


First ever Agenda Festival

Angel Grady

Last Sat. July 15, the streets of Long Beach surrounding the convention center were saturated with people and skateboards rushing to get their spot in line for the much anticipated Agenda Festival. Agenda’s creator Aaron Levant got in the industry as a graphic designer at various clothing companies in the ’90s, but when he started his street wear clothing line, he and his partner decided to stop attending trade shows and create their own and now he’s been hosting the Agenda Trade Show for over 14 years with the thought of turning it into a festival for what seemed like forever. We caught up with Levant at Agenda Fest to ask him about the making of this inaugural fest and plans for the next one.

OC Weekly (Angel Grady): What is Agenda?
Aaron Levant: Essentially what we are is a platform to help brands grow their companies and gain more recognition and distribution. Usually done through a traditional trade show format, now instead of just doing that with the industry, were helping them do that with direct consumers as well. I think we’re entering the experienced based economy and that’s something I think we keep at the forefront of our thinking.

What’s the purpose of the Agenda Festival?
I guess I wouldn’t say necessarily the purpose, but Agenda is an event I have been holding for almost 15 years now. It started out as a fashion trade show that has evolved over the years and become a platform, a conference, a series of parties, merchandise, and I think a combination of that evolution is what you saw Saturday in Long Beach. Creating unique experiences around music, culture, brand, content, and is what we’re trying to do with the Agenda Festival.

What are the main differences between this year’s Agenda Fest and your past events?
We’ve done a bunch of iterations of things, but this is the first time we put together this…

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