'After the Panama Papers Nawaz Sharif became a puppet of the army': Intelligence reports suggest India's surgical strikes may have shifted the dynamics of Pakistan in Sharif's favour

  • The Modi government is awaiting the announcement of the new Pakistan army chief
  • Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif has started re-asserting himself over foreign policy decision that were allegedly ceded to the army
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Rahul Kanwal

With the Pakistani army on the back-foot after the Indian army’s successful surgical strike inside PoK, the civilian government led by Nawaz Sharif has started re-asserting himself in the hope of winning back some of the domestic and foreign policy space that it has ceded to the army.

New Delhi’s assessment of the Pakistani establishment post India’s strikes shows Prime Minister Sharif has been trying hard to reintroduce himself over policy domains that virtually came under the military’s thumb after…

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