Actresses Mayim Bialik & Torrey DeVitto Share Why They Support Mental Health Education & Awareness

1 in 5 adults, or 43.8 million, in the US have a mental health condition.

Mediaplanet announces distribution of the latest edition of “Mental Health,” a cross-platform campaign that highlights prevention/intervention services, treatment advancements, and support programs for the mental health community.

1 in 5 adults in the US have a mental health condition that is 43.8 million experience a mental illness in a given year. Furthermore, 9.8 million adults experience a serious mental illness in a given year such as schizophrenia, bio-polar disorder, and major depression. Unfortunately, the negative stigma surrounding mental health only intensifies the situation, preventing people from seeking help due to feelings of shame and can even lead to suicide in some cases. Mental Health is a critical part of overall wellness and it’s imperative we treat it as is. This Mental Health Awareness Month we are making mental health a priority and putting advocacy at the forefront.

Actress & Mental Health Advocate, Mayim Bialik, speaks out about her family’s personal mental health struggles and how resources like NAMI and her own educational background helped her understand these illnesses more. In an exclusive interview with Mediaplanet, Mayim share what being stigma-free means to her as it is so important that we, as a society overcome the negative sigma commonly associate with mental health issues.

“Being stigma-free means bringing to light things we have kept dark for so long,” she explains. “Stigma-free means acknowledging we struggle and showing the ways we cope so that we can still be present, functional and production in our work, home and love lives,” Mayim concludes.

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