‘A special feeling in your heart’: 5 things to know about being Acadian – Prince Edward Island

There are common threads of food, music, and language that intertwine and intersect through the day-to-day lives of Acadians on P.E.I.

With National Acadian Day just around the corner (August 15) we spoke to Islanders about what being an Acadian means to them.

Here are five things they highlighted about what it means to be Acadian.

1. There will be kitchen parties

Music is a big part of Acadian life on the Island, and Mario Leblanc, a singer/songwriter living in Summerside, P.E.I., said that it is a mix of several types of styles.

“A mixture of Irish and Scottish and Celtic sound mixed with a bit of American country and French-Quebecois,” he said.

“All of that mixed together would give you an Acadian sound.”

Genevieve Ouellette (left) teaches step-dancing to children and adults. (Submitted by Genevieve Ouellette)

Anastasia Desroches, who lives in Mont Carmel, P.E.I., fiddled as a career for about 20 years.

“Music always holds a high place in Acadian culture, but of course it’s not the part that everyone identifies with,” she said.

Anastasia Desroches played fiddle professionally for about 20 years. (Submitted by Anastasia Desroches)

“For me it’s those kitchen parties, neighbours getting together to play music for fun,”

“When you hear them play and you’re in their kitchen, you can’t believe the talent that exists there. That’s a big part of the culture for me.”

2. Food is part of the culture

Leblanc said that the sounds of Acadian song mix with the culinary aspects of the culture.

“Often if you’re going to eat Acadian food, you’re going to listen to Acadian music at the same time.”

From left clockwise: fricot, galette blanches, chicken pate, and rapure. (Jennifer Bernard)

Genevieve Ouellette, a literacy and French teacher at l’Ecole la Belle Cloche, said that her favourite Acadian dish is chicken fricot, a soup or stew, served with galette blanches, similar to a scone.

Rapure or rappie pie, made up of potato and…

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