A Partisan Crowd Watches the Debate at the New Trump Hotel

Before that schoolyard brawl even started, she had already grown weary of the Trump campaign’s latest controversy, she said, generated by the Republican candidate’s “hot mike” moment on a bus shared with Billy Bush, who was egging him on.

“American women are far too interested in how they’re treated, and are too quick to say, ‘So and so shouldn’t have done or said that to her,”’ Ms. DeVoueroix said. “Women today are always stomping our feet. We should sit back and relax and be in our own bodies and not somebody else’s.”

Ms. DeVoueroix, who is divorced and has four children, said she counted Ronald Reagan as a friend, and met Hillary Clinton at a first ladies luncheon, when Bill Clinton occupied the Oval Office. “I hope Hillary says something different tonight, something specific, about how she’s going to deal…

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