A millennial’s guide to killing it at Instagram

Are you furious that you only have thirty-four Instagram followers? Do you fantasize about becoming the next hottest influencer in comedy? Would you pay real money to know the secret formula of Insta-success? If you answered yes to any of those questions, yikes.

Just kidding, who wouldn’t want that? Unfortunately, there isn’t a secret formula to fame, but if you follow this guide and happen to come across a little bit of serendipity ー you might become the next Kim K.

1. Create your profile


Start by filling out your profile. It’s always a good idea to fill out every field ー the more information people know about you, the better. A complete profile allows other people to easily find you and verify the authenticity of your account. It also gives people a little overview of who you are. Even though this may seem not important, a thought out profile is better than a vague or incomplete one.

Being transparent and genuine 一 even with something as minor as your profile information 一 is something all successful Instagramers excel in and is something you should strive for.

Name: Your Instagram name should just be your name. No need to get fancy here. Whatever name people know you by, use it.

Username: Again, make it extremely easy for people to find you, so no “JTMoMoney,” “Phat_Boy_|Jesse,” or “MegDanceCrazy9124.” It’s also a good practice to keep your username consistent across every social platform, if possible.

Website: If you have a website, plug it. Instagram allows users one link, so even if you don’t have a website you could link out to your blog, Twitter, Facebook, etc.

Bio: You’ve only got a couple sentences to woo someone ー make them count. This requires a decent amount of creativity and wit (if you have it), so go with your gut. If you find yourself stuck, emoji are a great way to spice up your bio.

Profile picture: You can’t choose your face but you can choose your profile picture. Keep…

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