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The British royals,young and old, are a discriminating bunch when it comes to everything from clothing and accessories to umbrellas and footwear. But even after these privileged patrons deem a brand worthy of their custom—which, in some cases, can be more valuable than a social-media star’s endorsement—a rigorous approval process is required before a vendor can be awarded the official warrant. Following are some of the House of Windsor’s most favored favorites, some of which have been serving its members for multiple generations.


Henry Poole & Co.

Since establishing the first tailor shop on Savile Row in 1846, Henry Poole & Co. has clothed an astonishingly regal roster that includes Emperor Napoléon III, Queen Victoria, King Edward VII, Emperor Hirohito, and a lengthy list of tsars and maharajas. The  recipient of some 40 warrants, the firm might hold the record for royal recognition, according to managing director and seventh-generation owner Simon Cundey, whose ancestor Samuel took over from cousin Henry in 1876. The brand, which continues to fill the Windsor wardrobes, has held a warrant from Queen Elizabeth II since 1952.

Despite its impressive heritage, Poole’s atmosphere is comfortable rather than starchy or showy. About 1,200 suits—which start from around $4,900 each and take about 3 months to make—are made there each year. “Our customers are not so much celebrities as CEOs and captains of industry,” Cundey says. Nevertheless, a theatrical touch can be found in the numerous ceremonial outfits the brand has produced for the royal family, such as the uniforms worn by the postilions riding in the procession at William and Kate’s wedding in 2011.
In contrast to its entrenched traditions, Poole is credited with some fashion firsts. “The Prince of Wales [later King Edward VII] had bought Sandringham and wanted something less formal for a party,” says manager Anthony Rowland. “He asked Henry Poole to cut…

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