40 years of Page Six: The ridiculous side of celebrity

New York has long reigned as the chosen city for misbehaving celebs — whether they’ve been caught canoodling with one another or spotted sneaking out of jiggle joints. Over the course of Page Six’s 40-year ascent, the column has broken celebrity news about babies being born and stars getting busted, Lindsay Lohan stripping down at a wedding and Charlie Sheen’s giving to Charity. Robert Mitchum’s airplane fart made The Page as did details on Gordon Ramsay stripping down an underling, wrapping him in plastic and pushing the poor sod outside. Here is a selection of our favorite dispatches from the star-studded frontlines.


In what may be one of the oddest Hollywood lawsuits of all time, “Kung Fu” star David Carradine sued producers in 1982 over losing a fight — on film. Carradine agreed to play the villain in the film “Lone Wolf McQuade” on certain conditions: 1. He wouldn’t have to kill a woman in cold blood, and 2. He would not be defeated in hand-to-hand combat by co-star Chuck Norris. When Carradine saw a rough cut, he discovered that through some fancy editing, he lost a fight to Norris, although it hadn’t been shot that way. Carradine’s lawyer said the change “ruins his ‘Kung Fu’ image.”

Richard Gere attends the UK premiere of “Arbitrage” at Odeon West End in London in 2012.WireImage


Richard Gere was not always a Buddha-loving dude with a thing for the Dalai Lama. Around the time of the 1980 release of “American Gigolo,” a Ladies’ Home Journal reporter asked Gere two questions he didn’t like: “How does it feel to be a sex symbol, or are you gay?” Gere responded by standing up, dropping trou and mooning the stunned reporter. Page Six pointed out that he was simply following in the footsteps of loose-waisted thesps Marlon Brando and Peter Boyle who were known for spontaneous mooning.


Say what you will about Charlie Sheen, but he’s not cheap when…

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