4 Cancelled Comic Book Movies That Need To Become Animated Features

Comic book movies have been with us since the early ’30s, and the genre has ebbed and waned with the times to eventually become one of the industry’s most lucrative genres. However, before Marvel Studios cracked the formula in 2008, many adaptations failed to come to fruition. Some were too ambitious for their time, while others faced financial issues that ultimately ended production. Regardless of why they failed, the end result is that some of the genre’s most promising projects will never be seen by fans.

However, due to the artistic possibilities of , movies like Return of the Joker and The Flashpoint Paradox have not only been able to explore the crazier, cosmic side of comic books, but have also co-existed alongside live-action cinematic universes. Recent animated releases like Return of the Caped Crusader and The Killing Joke have given fans multiple takes on the same character, allowing audiences to experience more than just one Batman on the big (and small) screen. These animated titles have embellished the rich history of the Dark Knight and stood as a shining example of co-existence between animated comic-book characters and their live-action counterparts.

So, shouldn’t animation be used to bring some of the world’s failed comic book productions back to life? While studios vie for release dates and character rights for their live-action portrayals, their animation departments have mostly managed to stay free of such constraints. So, here’s four cancelled comic book movies that should be re-purposed as animated films.

4) George Miller’s Justice League

Back in the 2000s, Christopher Nolan began a superhero renaissance with Batman Begins. While he was busy building his Dark Knight trilogy, Warner Brothers had roped in George Miller (Mad Max, Happy Feet) to make the first ever live action Justice League movie.

The movie was supposed to have a budget of $220 million and was deep into production until they were hit with the writer’s strike in 2008….

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