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Month: April 2017

Day 100: Trump finds being a ‘game-changer’ isn’t so easy

Analysis / The dominant theme of President Donald Trump’s first 100 days, which include stumbles, reversals and unkept promises: Governing is much harder than campaigning. Three weeks before winning the White House, President Trump gave a speech in Pennsylvania promising a “game-changing” first 100 days in office, predicting the “contract with the American voter” he […]

Marine Le Pen Will Name a Former Rival Prime Minister if Elected

Mr. Dupont-Aignan’s endorsement was first announced on Friday, amid the political fallout of the resignation of the interim leader of the National Front, Ms. Le Pen’s party, because of comments he made in 2000 praising a Holocaust denier and expressing doubt that the Nazis used poison gas to murder Jews. Continue reading the main story […]

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