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Month: November 2016

Entitlement Mentality: What Created It?

In today’s society there is a common mentality and this mentality is often called – The Entitlement Mentality. On the dictionary.com website this is described as: The fact of having a right to something and the amount to which a person has a right. So what this means is that one has the right to […]

ShipperHQ and Australia Post Announce Partnership to Empower Ecommerce…

Our partnership gives retailers control over exactly what options their customers see, plus the confidence that the order will arrive at their customers’ door exactly as they intend it to. Austin, TX (PRWEB) November 06, 2016 Today, ShipperHQ and Australia Post announced an integration that will empower Australian ecommerce retailers to configure more accurate […]

Kate Goodchild and Luke Dorsett farewelled after Dreamworld ride accident

The brother and sister killed in a freak Dreamworld accident last month are being farewelled by family and friends at a joint funeral service in Canberra.  Kate Goodchild, 32, and her older brother Luke Dorsett, 35, were killed almost instantly when their raft on the Thunder River Rapids ride flipped on October 25.  With the […]

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