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Month: August 2016

How To Best Develop Your Character

Whenever you read books relating to the mental attributes associated with winning or success in life you always come across the need for a strong sense of self. Put another way, you have to have a strong self-image and belief in your own strength to be able to win. John Wooden, the renowned basketball player […]

Zortrax Provides Bosch With Innovative 3-D Printing Solutions for…

Zortrax Olsztyn, Poland (PRWEB) August 30, 2016 Zortrax announced today the results of a successful partnership with Bosch. Zortrax’s industry-leading M200 3-D printers have been employed by Bosch’s French engineers to develop and design specialized equipment at their plant in Mondeville, France, including customized tools to support the assembly of small modules for electronic […]

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