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Younker will be responsible assessor | Letters to the Editor

This is an endorsement for Mark Younker who is running for Decatur Township Assessor. As a previous trustee of the township, he is experienced with this local government and its operations. In addition, at his own expense, Mark has taken the required courses to qualify himself for this office. His experience as a Realtor is […]

ESSAY: Biography and autobiography: The discordant twins – Newspaper

Altaf Hussain Hali was the pioneer of biographical writing in Pakistani Urdu literature | Wikimedia Commons Thomas Carlyle popularised the theory that the history of the world was but the biography of great men and that it was their genius and skill that won great men power. Many disagreed, including Herbert Spencer, who argued that […]

Small farmers help bring local foods home | Bismarck-Mandan Business News

From HelloFresh to Blue Apron, companies offering complete meal boxes delivered to consumers’ front door have been on the rise. In Bismarck-Mandan, a mother-daughter duo is giving that trend a local foods twist. Kara Winkler and her mother, Wanda Burrer, are starting Farm in a Box meal boxes, stocked with locally grown produce, meat, dairy […]

Trump Becomes Ensnared in Fiery G.O.P. Civil War

Does he cede power to the anti-establishment wing of his party? Or does he seek other pathways to successful governing by throwing away the partisan playbook and courting a coalition with the Democrats, whom he has improbably blamed for his party’s shortcomings? Continue reading the main story “It’s really a problem in our own party, […]

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